PACHA Field School

The Chancay – Huaral – Atavillos Archaeological Research Project (PACHA) invites all archaeologists and students of archaeology who would like to participate in the 2019 Field School, which will take place between August 23 and September 15, 2019 at the archaeological site of Macatón, located 5 minutes (2 kilometers) from the city of Huaral and 1 hour (60 kilometers) north of the city of Lima. During this season, we will excavate the tombs of the Chancay culture, a society that dwelled in this region from the IX to the middle of XVI century, when the Spanish invasion destroyed pre-Columbian Andean world. The Chancay society had complex mortuary patterns, giving great importance to the elaboration of the funeral structure, to the treatment of the individual, usually placed inside funerary bundles, sometimes with body paint; and associated with a large number of materials like vessels, textiles, agricultural or fishing tools even metal ornaments. Their elites lived in monumental proto-cities, of which remains are still visible. As the modern settlement advances, the Chancay sites are being irrecoverably destroyed. Our task is to recover as much information as we can before they disappear completely. We offer you the opportunity to take part in the excavation, as well as the laboratory analyses of excavated material.

This field school will be directed by Dr. Pieter van Dalen Luna, the archaeologist and professor at the National University of San Marcos (Lima – Peru), who for nine years has been in charge of the course of Methods in Archeology I (archaeological prospecting) and Methods in Archeology II (archaeological excavation). The project will be attended by specialists from different countries, as well as the students of San Marcos University. The stratigraphic study of the funerary bundles, as well the study of human remains will be directed by forensic archaeologist Lukasz Majchrzak of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland).